How to Increase Breast Size Without Surgery

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Women associate breast sizes with femininity. The truth is, breast sizes do get men’s attention. Whether it is to get attention of the man they want, or to keep the man they have, all women want fairly decent sized breasts.

Some women, of course, want to fit in those ready to wear dresses designed keeping women with larger breasts in mind. Whatever be the reason, both men and women prefer normal, if not large breast sizes.

Unfortunately not everybody is naturally endowed. Some opt for Silicon implants, which is an expensive surgical procedure that is not without risks. Those who can’t afford such costly surgery suffer become diffident, because in some way they feel inadequate. Teenage girls, in particular, are keen to know how to increase breast size without surgery.

Increase Breast Size Without Surgery

Fortunately, Internet offers answers where every other source fails. Following are some of the suggestions found online on how to increase breast size without surgery that you can trust.

Regularly massaging breast as directed; Using breast pumps to increase breast size; Using some herbal pills, creams, bust serum, or powders for breast enhancement; Making changes in diet as directed; Using birth control methods; Getting pregnant; Using special bras that lift up the breasts; Improving posture; and Exercising.

How to Increase Breast Size Without Surgery: 9 Tips!

Obviously some of these methods are effective and others are myths but a few are undesirable ones as well. Here are some pros and cons of the results for “how to increase breast size without surgery“.

1. Regular massaging of breasts

The object is to increase circulation, and in the process, increase fat deposits in breast tissue. It rarely works, or perhaps, women want faster results so they are quick to leave this method.

2. Using breast pumps

The idea is to use suction technique for drawing breasts out from body. Overzealous and over-anxious women might actually harm themselves with this method. In any event, results last as long as the suction lasts. Once it stops, breasts and underlying tissue, being elastic, regain almost their original shape.

3. Using herbal pills, creams, bust serum, or powders

The concept is to use plants or herbs that contain phytoestrogens. Examples of such herbs include Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam, Siberian Ginseng, Avena Satliva, Astragalus, Fennel, Dong Quai, etc. There are many others quoted in Ayurveda as well. Pills, serum, creams, powders, etc., are made from such plants or their part.

Breast cancer risk increases with oral products made from these herbs due to increase in estrogen levels. Manufacturers of such creams, pills, powders, etc., claim that the results would be noticeable within a year. Most women do not have that much patience. Others who have continued using such products, experience only fractional growth in their breast size, which could be due to other reasons as well.

4. Dietary changes

These entail inclusion of more fat and more carbohydrates in the food. But these foods are harmful for the body. Therefore, increase in their intake might result in other health complications. In any event, such high fat, high carbohydrates diet results in buttocks, hips, and belly becoming bulkier, before breasts follow suit. There are, obviously, adverse side effects of such diets.

5. Using birth control methods

For some vague reason, birth control measures help in enhancing breast size, but not always. Some of the birth control pills may have carcinogenic hormones.

6. Getting pregnant

It is no secret that pregnant women’s breasts increase in size. However, they do not always return to normal size after pregnancy. Effectively, the breasts do look fairly large, but not in all cases.

7. Using bras to lift up the breasts

There are plenty of bras that come with pads inside which can make the breasts look larger. Likewise, some bras lift the breast up. This gives an impression that breasts have increased in size. However, both types of bras give temporary results. Bras that lift the breast up might even suffocate the person.

8. Improving posture

This means standing upright, with shoulders in a straight line, and stomach pulled in. Such posture forces the breasts up. If the upright posture becomes a habit, breasts do look slightly enlarged.

9. Exercising

Women are often afraid of exercising as these might result in athlete’s figure. But there are exercises, including weight training, that help in cutting the bulge from elsewhere, and ensuring that breasts increase in size. The bad news is that once the exercises stop, breasts lose their firmness.

Conclusion How to Increase Breast Size Without Surgery

Increase in breast size by overeating or becoming pregnant has other drawbacks. Breasts of the person sag with overeating and after childbirth. They also lose their firmness and shape. Each of these suggestions on how to increase breast size without surgery varies in effectiveness, and can therefore, be tried simultaneously for better results. Such methods of how to increase breast size are also inexpensive and safe.

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