How to Increase Breast Size Using Pueraria Mirifica Products?

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In this particular stage, the female hormones of the body tend to execute its “duty” (even males can experience this, “moobs”). Particularly, the female sex hormone known as estrogen starts to take care of things such as: breast development, menstruation, and polishing of the womanly figure.

However, by the time you leave puberty, this female hormone takes its toll. Therefore, if you wind up having small breasts after this natural process, sorry to say, you need to embrace your “mosquito bites” for life.

In spite of this, it’s not the end of the world. You can defy this natural process by either undergoing surgery or opting for natural methods such as the use of herbs.

Peuraria Mirifica Review

Increasing the breast size naturally is every woman’s dream. Little do they know that they can consider using herbs that have been utilized for thousand of years– particularly for breast enlargement. Herbs can be perfect and very effective when it comes to breast growth.

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For one, they contain chemicals called, phytoestrogens. These phytoestrogens replicate the action of estrogen found inside the body. Meaning to say, it will enable you to increase your breast size naturally if utilized properly.

Considered one of the top performing herbs is called, “Pueraria Mirifica.” As a matter of fact, throughout the years, this herb had been ideal for arsenal use when it comes to breast enlargement. Best of all, with this magical herb, there’s no need to go under the knife or spend a fortune.

This herb is an indigenous of Myanmar and Thailand. There are a lot of species of Pueraria. Though, the most effective one, which is the Pueraria Mirifica, is virtually impossible to find. As a matter of fact, it’s less common even in Myanmar and Thailand. Its tuberous roots contain all the medicinal value it possesses and had been used for centuries for health and vitality.

The Numerous Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica

Along with increasing your breast size, taking Pueraria Mirifica can give you additional perks. Some of which are: optimal health & rejuvenation, slows down the aging process with the help of its anti-aging properties, improves the vibrancy and strengthens the hair, boosts up the strength and vitality, sharpens one’s memory, acts as a natural hormone replacement for women in the menopausal stage, and promotes clear vision.

Due to the fact that the tuber of this herb contains a lot of phytoestrogens such as: deoxymiroestrol and miroestrol, this herb can improve breast size up to 80%. A study made in England and in a university in Thailand even support this idea.

Important Facts to Take Into Consideration

Diet 101: The Recommended diet while taking Pueraria Mirifica

Try to avoid consuming foods that contain other phytoestrogens such as: soy, red clover, and fenugreek. It’s also recommended to incorporate plenty of protein and calcium in your diet.

Protein is known to stimulate breast growth; and adding calcium could also provide the same results. As much as possible, get rid of caffeine because it impedes breast development. However, if you can’t fully resist a cup of Joe, then reducing your caffeine intake would do.

The Proper Way of Taking Pueraria Mirifica

For starters, in order to ensure the effectiveness of this product, it’s best to take it in capsule form. However, there are other variations such as creams and serums. Both of which are proven to be effective. Also, the capsules, serums, and creams should be taken just as instructed on the packaging.

Never modify it. When taking the pills, make sure to take them with a glass of milk. The phytoestrogens will be absorbed quickly when milk is used to wash down the pills (it’s not necessary though).

By using the cream and serum, you should massage your bosoms for at least 5 minutes daily. Aside from absorption, it’s also an effective way to stimulate the tissues surrounding the breast while triggering breast growth. Giving an illusion of fuller and perkier busts.

Side Effects

Although this herb is relatively free from any side effects, it’s still possible that some users might experience irregularities in their menstrual cycle. It can be, having your period last a bit longer or probably shorter than usual. Brown spotting could also be observed. Nonetheless, after 2-3 months, your menstruation will return to normal.

If you ever experience some irregularities, adding a natural progesterone cream could help in solving the issue. Since progesterone is a hormone present in the female body, using a progesterone cream can assist in balancing out the hormonal level, whilst normalizing your monthly cycle.

Another suggestion would be, taking the capsules from the moment your period starts and continuing the intake for 15 days. Then, stopping the pills until your period begins again. This method might be helpful for women who experience irregularities during their menses.

The Final Verdict

If you’re planning to use this product as a healthier alternative against breast implants, there are a lot of variations available. You can take Pueraria Mirifica in its raw form, as a serum, or in capsule form. All of which proves to be effective.

However, since there are different species of Pueraria, apart from following the ideal dosage, it’s also imperative to ensure that what you’re taking is the genuine one (Pueraria Mirfica); and the best way to do this, is to only purchase on reliable retailers.

After all is said and done, get ready to flaunt your new curves! Shop for revealing tops, go for plunging necklines, and cleavage bearing blouses and dresses. You’ll never be embarrassed again when shopping for a bra at Victoria’s Secret. Who knows, you can even be a VS model with your naturally enhanced breasts!

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