How to Increase Breast Size Naturally With Herbs?

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Why Do Women Desire to Have Bigger Breasts? Have you ever wondered how you could make your boobs bigger, naturally? Truth be told, most women nowadays do; and the main culprit is the media.

It gives them a lot of pressure, feeding them with ideas that most guys find women with small breasts, less attractive.

On the other hand, some women want to increase their breast size for a more selfless reason. For mothers, they want to be able to breastfeed their child and they believe that it’s impossible– especially with underdeveloped breasts.

It doesn’t really matter why you want to make your breasts bigger, and there are a number of ways on how you could develop your breasts even more.

Increasing Breast Size with Herbal Supplements

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally With Herbs

One of the ways on how to increase breast size naturally is through the use of herbal supplements. In fact, this has been known to produce good results.

If you’re wondering how to increase breast size with herbal supplements, bear in mind that most herbal supplements are effective because they have the ingredient, Phyto-estrogens— an estrogen that’s naturally present in plants. Likewise, these plant-based estrogens could help you improve your size by a cup or 2 in 4-5 months.

The reason behind is, if this supplement is taken in enough doses, the Phytoestrogens could assist in the development of the breasts by triggering breast tissue growth. Similarly, these Phyto-estrogens act like the estrogen present inside the body.

Types of Phytoestrogen

There are different types of Phyto-estrogen and these include soy isoflavones, lignans, coumestans, and resorcylic acid lactones. For those who aren’t aware, soy isoflavones are considered as the best Phyto-estrogen mainly because it could influence the estrogen formation as it imitates the effects of this hormone inside the female body.

Furthermore, bear in mind that it’s not recommended to take more than the prescribed dosage of Phyto-estrogen. It could be very unhealthy and the effects could last for more than 9 months. Nonetheless, if you only take the recommended dosage of this herbal supplement, there’s nothing you should worry about in the future.

The best way to experience the potency of these herbal supplements is to use them properly, combined with a good diet. Through this, aside from being very effective, you wouldn’t need to worry about the possible side effects. However, before buying any herbal supplements for breast enlargement, make sure that you’ll only pick the right product.

The reason behind is, not all herbal supplements are the same and most differ in quality, as well as purity standards. As much as possible, avoid picking the product just because it’s cheaper. In most cases, these are just rip-offs. So before making a purchase, better check if this herbal supplement you’re eying on having good testimonials that it’s really effective and of high quality.

As a rule of thumb on how to increase breast size with herbal supplements, make sure that the product contains quality ingredients. The best herbal supplements would provide your body with optimum amounts of Phyto-estrogen that could assist to develop bigger boobs.

Herbal Supplements:

Wild Yam

One of the popular herbs that could assist in breast growth is wild yam. Due to the fact that it contains high amount of Phyto-estrogen, this herb could improve the female reproductive system which includes reduction of premenstrual and menopausal symptoms.

Wild yam could be taken as a tea and in powder form as well. The latter could be added in a cream and used to massage breasts.


For women who want to increase the production of milk in their breasts, fenugreek would be very ideal. Aside from that, this breast is also known to trigger breast growth as well.

It contains several Phyto-estrogens that could help with breast development through the stimulation of prolactin as it imitates the effects of estrogen.


Damian could also make the breasts look bigger as it mimics the mammary gland development. Furthermore, it’s also used in treating hormonal imbalances.


For women who are interested in how to increase breast size with herbal supplements, the fennel should definitely be considered. It’s an herb that’s generally found in herbal supplements used for breast enhancement.

Likewise, it works great with fenugreek. Therefore, if you want to experience promising results, you should opt for supplements that have these two herbs as their active ingredients.

Moreover, similar to wild yam, you could incorporate fennel in your breast massage cream and apply them on your bosoms. Fennel is rich in Phyto-estrogen, because of this, it’s not only great for breast enlargement, but it could increase the milk production for expectant mothers and as an aphrodisiac. To stimulate breast development and increase the production of estrogen, doctors recommend fennel tea.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is another herb that could promote breast enhancement and increase in libido. Likewise, this natural herb could act as an aphrodisiac as well. Various breast disorders in females were also treated with the help of this herbal supplement. The Phyto-estrogen present in saw palmetto works well especially when combined with other herbs used for breast growth.

Aside from the herbal supplements mentioned above, the black cohosh, kava, dong quai, ginseng, red clover, and primrose could also offer the same effects and make your breasts appear fuller.

Natural Supplement: Are The Possible Risks Worth It?

In case that you’re taking medication for blood thinning, such as warfarin, it’s suggested to avoid inducing this herbal supplement. You should consult your doctor first, if possible. Likewise, once you start taking these supplements, begin with only one or two per day and nothing more.

Likewise, compared to other natural breast enlargement methods, using herbal supplements could take some time before you notice the results. As a matter of fact, due to this, some women gave up on using them after a few weeks of medication– since they didn’t notice any difference in their size.

Truth be told, it could be a month or more before you notice any change, and this should be taken religiously. Not only when you feel like it. Also, aside from taking these herbal supplements, you should also do other things to ensure that your boobs will grow bigger.

Nonetheless, if you don’t see any results with 9 months, it’s suggested to discontinue taking this supplement and consult your doctor. The female body shouldn’t take a high amount of estrogen for a very long time, or it would be dangerous. Moreover, each woman is different. What works for one, might not work effectively for others.

Lastly, keep in mind that there could be other reasons why the supplement isn’t not working. It could be, your body is producing very low Phyto-estrogen. There are several reasons for it. This could be age, genes, diet, etc.

Nonetheless, if you’re really determined to make your breasts bigger, naturally, you should incorporate a variety of methods, such as eating the right foods, exercising, massaging, and many more. Don’t focus on just one.

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