How to Increase Breast Size by Self Massage at Home

| October 28, 2013 | 28 Comments

There are some methods for breast growth, from: surgery, hormones, exercise and perhaps the most relaxing, massage.

Massaging the bosom is perhaps the safest out of any form to increase breast size. A massage on the other hand, is less time consuming, but takes more patience to achieve results.

There are several massages you can perform to naturally increase breast growth. All you need is 15 minutes a day, a relaxing environment, massaging oil (to avoid irritation), and a little patience.

How to Increase Breast Size by Self Massage

Self Massage to Increase your breast size

First, you may want to massage one breast at a time, whichever your preference, you could begin with your left side.

So, apply your preferred massage oil or moisturizing cream (DO NOT Use any Oil to Facilitate Breastfeeding )  on your hands and rub them together until they are ready. Then place your right hand on your left breast, nearly tucked under your armpit.

Then move inwards, with gentle pressure, to the center of your chest and hold. Afterwards, take your left hand and place it on the side of the left breast, similar to cupping just the sides. Using your thumb and fingers, you will massage with the contour of the breast; pushing from the side inward to the center of your chest.

Lastly, place your right hand on your right breast and slightly push to the side. Next, with your left hand you will cup your breast from the side and base and massage in a clockwise manner.

Repeat the motions with your right breast in similar fashion until the massage oil or moisturizing cream have been absorbed completely.

Left Breast Massage image

Left Breast MassageRight Breast Massage image

Right Breast Massage ImageTo Sum It All Up, Why Should One Try a Breast Massage?

Self-massaging is naturally proven methods to increase breast size naturally that you can do at home. Massaging also proves to enhance blood flow and prevents cancerous cells to form. It may take time and patience to achieve a desired goal, all women are different. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t get results right away. With persistence you can secure yourself a bust line you can feel proud of…

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  1. snigdha says:

    please help me by showing the image of how to massge to increase d breast

  2. pooja says:

    which hand to be placed on which breast???to increase size and in which direction it should move

  3. udass panchi says:

    increase breast size koi asi tip btye kay jaldi sy breast increase ho jain?

  4. Urwa Ali says:

    Can u explain the way of massage in urdu ?

  5. khalil says:

    jis k chaoty brest hon wo rabta kray 03101464548

  6. Lora Jones says:

    Another exercise regime that can be followed is to stand facing the wall at an arm’s distance. By placing the palms on the wall, put pressure on the wall as if pushing. Do so without bending the arms at the elbow, and for eight counts. If this exercise is repeated 10-20 times a day, it is known to assist the growth.

  7. ayesha says:

    I m in Tanzania tell me which food and ho much quantity of food I can take to improve breastfeeding size.

  8. zohreh says:

    I have very small breasts.if i Massage my breasts, grow to how a size???

    • Usama says:

      Do you know that small breast is a great source of pleasure and it make a man crazy. big breast can only grab attention but small breast grab the man as long as you wanted to.
      if you do massage your breast ill increase from if you have 30 size it would increase to 32.

  9. Qandel says:

    Massage kasay karna urdu me beta du?

  10. Jyoti shende says:

    mai 26 year old hu kya massage se sahi m breast increese hote h or iske liye konsa oil thik rhega plz btaye bht preshan hu jldi increesa ke lily btaye

  11. RK says:

    I am intersted

  12. kiran nayab says:

    which is the best oil that we use for breast massage?
    and suggest some pills or medicine + cream for enhancing breast in few days which have no side effects.

  13. kiran nayab says:

    plzzz suggest some medicine and massage oil for developping my breasts

  14. sonu says:

    i m 40y old,kya meri breast hard or size badh skta h

  15. Dee says:

    Will it be alright to use baby oil for the massage???

  16. krishna chaithanya says:

    i had a lower breast in 1 mnth i have to increase it with oil massage which type of oil is usefull to increase it

  17. madisson says:

    Can massage realy help, what is the best suplements to get bigger boobs naturally?

  18. Sunita daisy says:

    Im 28year old aur meri breast bahut week ho gai hai
    Pls koi oil batye masage ke laye
    Im very apset
    Pls help me

  19. anu says:

    i have very small breast i feel uncomfort wearing any dress its look like flat feel like shy can any1 tell me how to enhance my breast in 1 month to look attractive how can i enhance my breast by any oil or massage tips or by any food plz let me know soon

  20. kashif says:

    Plz tell me oil 4 breast massage to increase boob size in a mth

  21. tanu says:

    How to increase boost plz rply …upon regular massage..plz sugest …

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