How To Increase Breast Size After Breastfeeding

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Is breastfeeding important? and  how to increase breast size after breastfeeding naturally? Read carefully what i did here. Breastfeeding is not only important for the health and fitness of your baby but it also helps the mother to reduce the risks of breast cancer. Moreover, it creates a special bond of love between the mother and the baby.

Will breastfeeding affect the size and shape of my breasts? This is the question asked by many women. The answer is ‘yes’. Breastfeeding may lead to shrinking in the size and sagging of breasts.

This is the main reason why many women are reluctant to breastfeed their little ones although they understand that it is essential for the baby. Are you one among them? If so, here is some good news.

How to increase breast size after breastfeeding?

how to increase breast size after breastfeedingThere are many ways to increase the size of the breasts after breastfeeding. It can be increased through exercise, massage, diet and lifestyle habits. Read further to know in detail about them.

1. Exercises

Simple exercises can help you to bring back the shape and size of the breasts. Pushups Lie on your back. Let the palms rest on the ground. List the knees of the ground. Lower your body and then raise it. Repeat this for ten times and relax.
Palm exercise Sit erectly. Bring your palms together in a praying position. Press the palms as firmly as you can. Count up to 10. Relax and repeat it thrice. It can be done whenever you have time.

Weight lifting Take a 5Ib weight. It is not necessary that you should buy dumbbells for this. You can use a water bottle. Hold a thing weighing 5lbs in both the hands. Lift the arms until they are in a straight line with the shoulders. Count up to 5. Bring the arms down. Relax and repeat. This can be done lying down on the stomach too. List the weights until the arms are fully outstretched. Count up to 5. Relax and then repeat.

Yoga Ustrasana or camel pose Sit on your knees. Bend backwards and touch the right feet with the right hand and the left foot with the left hand. Bhujangasana Lie on your stomach. Place the palms near your shoulders. Now lift the upper part of the body above the ground with the elbows straight. Tadasana Stand straightly. List the arms above the head without bending your elbows. Bring the palms together. Tighten the muscles in your arms and hold the breath as much as you can and then relax.

2. Massage

Breast massage can increase breast size after breastfeeding. Massages are more effective when done after having a bath. Applying massage creams or breast enhancement creams may yield better results. The pressure applied must be gentle because heavy pressure can damage the lymphatic vessels. The right techniques of massage must be followed. You can do it yourself or ask your partner to do it for you.

3. Diet Fenugreek 

Women in Asian countries include fenugreek seeds in their diet to increase the milk secretion while breastfeeding. Fenugreek seeds have another advantage too. It helps in the restoration of the shape of the breast after weaning.

  • Garlic – Like fenugreek seeds garlic too helps in milk secretion as well as in the increase of the breast size.
  • Dairy products – Include dairy products in your diet to increase the size of the breasts as well as the milk secretion.
  • Cherries and berries – Eating cherries and berries like strawberries and blueberries is a tasty way to increase the size of the breasts.
  • Flax seeds and sesame seeds – These seeds have a plenty of health benefits. Powder these seeds and sprinkle it on the salad and the gravies. You can add them to your smoothies.
  • Fruits and vegetables – Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables.

4. Lifestyle habits

Keep your spine straight while standing and sitting. Use a well-fitting bra to prevent the breasts from sagging. Some women don’t wear bras while breastfeeding. This is not good for your breasts. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Avoid drinking soda drinks.

5. Surgeries

There are surgeries like breast augmentation that could increase the breast size after breastfeeding. The benefit of surgical option is that you can get instant results. The main disadvantage is that it can cause side effects and burn holes in your pockets.

Which is the best way to increase the breast size?

The natural ways take time to show the results but it is the safest method. You need a lot of patience and sincere efforts if you want to see the expected results. Follow the tips on how to increase breast size after breastfeeding sincerely. Walk with pride and confidence with shapely and large breasts without depriving the benefits of breast milk to your baby.

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