Does Breast Size Really Matter?

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Without a doubt, every man is charmed by the female breast. It’s certainly one of the unexplainable phenomena in the universe.

If you’ll think about it, there’s no scientific explanation behind this overwhelming admiration.

Admit it or not, men salivate every time they see these full, luscious, oftentimes perky, melon-shaped, milk-producing protuberances sitting proudly on a woman’s chest.

The Mystery Behind This Titillating Fascination

How come men become so instantly aroused upon seeing the woman’s ample bosoms? They already have one of their own– which can be as functional as a heater during summer– men have nipples too. Is there really an explanation behind that? if you’ll give some thought to it, a female’s bosom just differs a little (pun intended) from the male’s.

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According to Dr. Stephen McDougal, PhD.” Men’s fascination with breasts is connected to what it depicts. There’s something exquisitely feminine– hyper feminine, mind you– about the female bosom.

It’s soft, it’s cozy, it’s alluring, it’s soothing, it’s inviting and it definitely adds to a woman’s curvatures. More so, it’s just completely different from what men have on their own chest making it even more mystical, and breathtakingly sexy.”

Furthermore, “With respect to the size, the bigger the bosoms are, the more erotic, enchanting, and alluring they can be. According to Dr. Freud, the main reason why men are charmed by the female breast is generally because they instinctively reminisce the infantile memory of breastfeeding.

Although, for Dr. McDougal, this view is poppycock. To put it in simpler terms, there’s just something emblematic about the woman’s physique. Like for instance the moment you were able to see it, you’ve had a glimpse of a ravishing nether region. Have the chance to touch it, you’ll be on cloud 9.

However, not all men are aroused by large breasts. In fact, some prefer smaller cup sizes.

Female breasts– apart from their well defined curve, their sensitivity even to the slightest touch– have an aesthetic as well functionality such as their role in breast feeding infants making them prominently feminine. Woman’s breast is a noticeable, genuine, and a stunning feature of every female anatomy.

Men’s magazine like FHM and Playboy influence the modern society about how they should view what’s appealing and what’s not in terms of the physical appearance of the breast– luscious breasts and toned- down waist. They influence men to desire women with bigger breasts than those who aren’t well-endowed.

On the other hand, women’s magazine such as Chatelaine, Cosmopolitan, Essence, Self, Jane, etc. feature article contents that could help women improve their bust line, and firm their bosoms. An advocate that guarantees female readers that it’ll be effective and therefore, they’ll have the power to attract the opposite sex and be more confident about their bodies.

Female breasts play a vital role in sensuous appeal. For ladies, it’s their asset to attract men.

Generally, it has been stereotyped that the ideal breast must be round, perky, large, and firm. Although realistically speaking, a well-endowed bosom usually droops a little (it defies gravity), and it could even result to back and neck discomfort. As women get older, it’s inevitable that their breast will sag due to childbirth and age.

Women feel self-conscious about their bust line. They always get anxious thinking that it’s smaller than the average size men desire. Once these women became enthralled in regards to their breast size and shape, they’d be tempted to undergo surgical procedures– just to fulfill the needs of men they admire.

For men, the female breast is a source of charisma and fantasy; looking at them (even if it’s just images) particularly the ones where the cleavage is perfectly visible stirs up their emotion. The point is, these breast is almost visible, yet hidden triggers that feeling.

Some men are not fascinated with ladies who flaunt their bombshells. In fact, it’s even a turn off for them to see these women displaying their asset with varying degrees of coyness or confidence.

Men’s interest about the breast primarily lies in its shape. Looking closely, if a breast is perfectly developed and beautifully made, it’ll seem well balanced–the tissue tension supports the weight, giving the breasts just the right lift to make them appear more robust and perkier. A beautiful form similar to a work of art.

Female breasts come in different sizes. There are some cases wherein petite women have ample bosoms, while the well- built ones have the opposite. The same goes with nipples, some are big, some are small, some are puffy, and some are inverted.

A Woman’s Response to A Man’s Desire

Women are known to be very witty at giving aesthetic clues, often revealing an almost erotic view– teasing their admirer’s imagination that’s full of sexual thoughts as they try to picture what’s hidden underneath.

Those women who are not naturally gifted with big busts and don’t want to try some kind of hormone treatment nor breast enlargement pills can still achieve this effect by forcing up the flesh of their small breasts with the help of push-up bras. It’ll give an illusion that they have fuller breasts. On top of that, the female breast is indeed glorious yet sinful, it drives men crazy to the point that they’d want to feel it.

The warm softness, how the nipples harden when touched, the tremble and moan of a woman when her breasts are touched– eyes shut, mouth slightly open. Drives men crazy, and this tempts every woman to do almost anything to achieve those sensual breasts.

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