Can You Gain Weight Just in the Breast?

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The relation of weight gain to bigger breasts. It’s the inconvenient truth, there are some parts of the body where it’s easy to gain the unappealing weight.

Areas such as the buttocks and hips; and ironically, there are also places where weight is critically desired but it’s very difficult to have it– like the breasts.

With this, people who are aspiring to look more voluptuous and well-endowed should resort to weight gain in breasts. The breasts are primarily made up of fatty tissues. This means that gaining weight would undoubtedly help in increasing your size.

Furthermore, weight gain in breast is not rocket science; it can easily be achieved by following certain steps that entail weight training and caloric modifications. However, one must know that exercises cannot actually make your breasts bigger.

Hence, it can only help in developing the muscles underneath them, giving an illusion of fuller and perkier bosoms.

Gaining Weight in The Chest Area

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Never Reduce Your Calorie Consumption

For starters, you must never reduce your calorie consumption. Weight gain in breasts implies adding more calories in your food intake. It’s recommended to incorporate at least 250 calories a day to your daily diet (divide it among 6 meals).

To illustrate this, for individuals who normally consume 1,800 calories a day, it should be increased to 2,050; and each meal will have 340 calories (6 meals). As you tweak your diet, include some exercises as well.

Do Some Chest Presses

This could be done by aligning a workout bench to a 60 degree angle. Then, grab 2 dumbbells, lie on the bench, and rest them on your thighs. Slowly lift the dumbbells to your shoulder height– palms faced forward. Try to press them straight up, over the chest until they are 1 inch apart.

Adjust The Bench So It Is Flat

After accomplishing this routine, move the bench so it is completely leveled. Then, on a lying position with the dumbbells resting on your thighs; lift them up again with your palms facing forward and your knees relatively bent. Lower them to your sides, until your upper arms are almost adjacent to the floor. Push them up and repeat the process.

Push Ups

Push ups are also suitable for weight gain in breasts. It’s a body weight exercise that concentrates on the chest muscles located beneath the breast. In order to effectively execute a push up, you must be in a plank position and hands are parallel to the shoulders.

Steadily lower yourself down, until you’re 4 inches to the ground, then push yourself up. However, upon doing flies, bend your elbows slightly during the process, but definitely not when lifting the weights.

For those who aren’t fit to perform regular push ups, you can modify it. With your knees bent, position your hands on a chair or table and follow the same routine. Just make sure you have a good padding to support your knees.

Take Some Herbal Supplements

While doing these exercises, it’s also advisable to take some herbal supplements that can enhance the breast size, improve the function of glandular activities, and stabilize the hormones.

Some of these herbs are: wild yam, Damiana, saw palmetto, dong quai, and red raspberry. Despite the fact that weight gain in breasts are crucial, as much as possible, avoid foods that are processed and loaded with saturated fats. Hence, settle for something more nutritious such as: low-fat dairy, lean meats, fruits, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

The Effectiveness of A Chest Workout

For those who are determined to increase their chest size, a diet program alone wouldn’t suffice. Thus, you might even face the trouble of gaining excessive pounds in other places since weight gain is generally distributed throughout the whole body.

Incorporating the suitable exercise with the proper diet is always the key to firm your breasts, and exclusively focus weight gain in the breasts. Lastly, genetics will also play a vital role in the ability of increasing your chest size. It might take some time, but never lose the motivation and patience. You’ll notice a gradual change eventually.

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