Breast Enlargement and Breast Firm Exercises

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Cosmetic Surgery Isn’t the Only Way to Have Firmer Breasts. Breasts are considered as the most enticing and captivating part of the women’s physique. Every woman desires to have a well developed and well defined bust line.

Stemming from that, a lot of ladies rely on cosmetic surgery to improve their bosoms or enhance their bust size. However, there are certain ways to naturally improve breast size – perhaps give the illusion of bigger bosoms.

Since there are no muscles located on the breasts, just glands and fat cells, there aren’t workouts specifically designed to make your breasts bigger. Hence, underneath the chest lies the pectoral muscles, which if developed, could make your breasts appear supple and more firm.

A. Exercises to Increase Your Breast size

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How to make your boobs bigger? Follow these steps:

1. Lying down on a flat surface with one weighted dumbbell in each hand

Take a deep breath and lifting both arms unilaterally straight up. While keeping the elbows slightly bent, slowly exhale as arms meet high over your chest. Then return your arms at shoulder level, but avoid letting your elbows drop below your shoulders to prevent injury or lack of results. This exercise should be repeated up to 13-15 times, with consistency, you may feel the results after your first try.

2. Now Lie down on a flat surface with weights in each hand held at shoulder level.

Make sure that the top portion of the weight is facing in your direction, and then as you push up; twist your wrist gently so that the top part of your hand faces you once again. Exhale as you lower them down towards your chest back to its original starting position. Remember to twist your wrist back to how you began. Simply repeat the exercise 13-15 times. If you are up to the challenge, there is one more exercise to consider.

3. Begin with a standing position, feet amply separated, shoulders back and facing forward.

With a weight in each hand, preferably weighted gloves; extend your arms as much as you can to the sides. Imagine as if you’re extending wings. Now, with good footing in mind, do 15 small counterclockwise circles, about a foot in diameter. As your arms “fly” with a comfortable speed, slightly emphasize the size of the circle and start another set of 15 turns. Afterwards, repeat the previous two steps only this time, clockwise. You will definitely feel the burn.

B. Exercises to Firm and Increase Your Breast size.

Most women are not aware that breasts are primarily composed of fat cells over muscle tissue. In that regard, simple exercise does not increase a natural bust size. It is also true of the contrary; exercise alone will not directly reduce a bothersome and heavier bust. Whether you are naturally well endowed or suffer from over-weight issues.

So how can you increase (or trim) your breast size? A balanced diet with combined regular exercise can be a natural solution. Eating a healthy diet and applying a routine exercise can help trim off weight problems.

From: stubborn belly fat, thick thighs, and actual breast size. Incidentally, regular exercise and diet can also help firm up breast muscle tissue. The muscles located behind the breasts tone up to give the impression of a larger, more prominent, chest size.

1. Pec-Press

Applying a “Pec-Press” to your exercise routine will profoundly firm up and tone your chest muscle. Simply lie on a flat surface, knees bent, arms extended to your sides.

Then using light weights slowly bring your arms together and hold the position for one or two seconds, then finally slowly lower your arms to their starting points. Begin with a set of 10-12 reps, while working your endurance up to 3 sets. Repeat this exercise every other day.

2. Butterfly Press

A similar method you can do is called the “Butterfly Press”. This is a more trying and enduring exercise because it requires a sitting position while lifting, and holding, light weights. With the help of a sturdy chair, sit on the edge of it. With your feet firmly planted and apart from each other, and back straight.

Raise your arms to the sides, bend at the elbows (imagine you are about to flex your arms), then bring your arms together over your chest, squeezing and feeling the work out on your chest muscles, hold this position for 4 seconds, release and slowly return to the starting position.

Try to accomplish a set of 5-7, then work your way up to 3 sets every other day. Several exercises can really boost up firmness and reduce clumsy fat over the breasts.

3. Wall-ups

However, if you wish to add more to your routine there is one more exercise that could add enough burn and bust to your size “Wall-ups.” As the name suggests it requires a wall.

Begin this exercise by standing in front of a wall around 2 feet in distance, or simply at arm length; enough space that you can reach and lay your palm flatly on it. Now, on the wall bring your hands close to chest level, not wide apart, and slowly lean in towards it.

Focus on using your arm and chest muscle to control the motion of your movement. Reach far close enough that your nose barely touches the wall itself, then slowly push back to your original position.

Repeat this for up to 15 minutes each time, then augment as you please. In addition, to increase the effect from this exercise, at the point where you are leaning midway (you’ll feel the stress on your chest muscle), hold the position and count 10-15 seconds, then continue the rest of the motion.

 The Reason Why Breast Firm Exercises Are the Most Effective Means to Prevent Sagging

There are no special remedies to gain or lose cup sizes that can be achieved through rumor or myth. No magic pill or special herbs. Surgery is an option, but a highly risky one. Exercise and diet is the only safe method a woman can stall a saggy or heavy bust as time goes on.

In the long run, improving your breast size can also have effects on the entire physical body. Leading to a healthier life and be comfortable with oneself. These exercises are meant to firm up and enrich women with confidence. With constant persistence you can achieve an ideal breast size.

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