5 Ways To Increase Your Breast Size

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We can’t deny the fact that a lot of women, especially those who aren’t well-endowed feel insecure about themselves. However, having larger breasts might change that attitude instantly.

This could even give them more confidence. Nowadays, it seems like the only way to attain this goal is through the use of scalpels and silicone. That’s not true.

There are a lot of ways on how to increase breast size without surgery and if you’re one of those women who want to know how to achieve fuller breasts, these tips would be very helpful to you.

Ways to Achieve Fuller Breasts

There are a number of ways on how to increase breast size without surgery.

1. Contouring Your Cleavage

Contouring Your Cleavage

image source: Mrs. Nachos

You could try contouring your cleavage. It’s one of the most effective ways to make your breasts look bigger instantly. All you need to do is add a few strokes of make up on your cleavage and you’ll immediately give an illusion that your breasts are larger and more supple.

  1. To achieve this, get a bronzer with shimmer. If applied properly, this would create an illusion that your breasts are larger because of the reflecting light.
  2. Apply the bronzer to the dry surface. Likewise, avoid applying it to areas where you have moisturizer or lotion on it– this would make the powder look darker and messy.
  3. As much as possible, stand in front of the mirror while applying the bronzer in between the cleavage of your breasts.
  4. Using a fan brush, briskly move the bronzer across your cleavage. Start at the bottom “v” and work your way up.
  5. Lastly, the darkest spot should be at the below your cleavage area.

2. The BRAVA Breast Enhancement and Shaping System

You could also try “BRAVA.” It’s a breast enhancement method where you’ll wear an external bra that could gradually enhance the size of your breast tissue. Basically, the Brava bra is like a pair of suction cups that are placed over the breasts. The built-in vacuum in these suction cups stimulates the growth of breasts.

Watch this video about Brava:

This could be an effective way to get fuller breasts even without surgery. However, in order to maximize its effect, it should be worn 12 hours daily for about 3 months. Moreover, the price of this product could be pretty hefty. It could cost as much as $1,500. Sometimes, even more. Read more about Brava here: www.miamibreastcenter.com

3. Fat Grafting

Other than surgery and using breast implants, you could also opt for fat grafting. This involves taking fat from a certain area of your body and using it on your breast to enhance its size and volume.

Nonetheless, even though this sounds promising, it could burn a hole in your pocket. This procedure could cost thousands of dollars, and there are chances that the results would only be temporary– not permanent.

4. Diet

diet for breast growth

As opposed to what the majority believes in, diet and what you eat on a daily basis plays an essential role in making your breasts look fuller. As a matter of fact, foods rich in Phyto-estrogen could help you increase your breast size by a cup or two.

The reason behind this is, the Phyto-estrogen present in certain food could trigger an increase in the female hormone known as estrogen. Resulting in a better breast development.

Likewise, some of the most ideal foods to include in your daily diet if you want to increase your bust are wheat, cherries, fenugreek seeds, barley, walnuts, dairy products, and carrots.

Read more about diet for breast growth here: Diet For Breast Growth

5. Exercises

Lastly the cheapest, yet most efficient way to improve your bust line is through exercise. By performing the right exercise, you’ll be building up your pectoral muscles that would help your breasts become firmer, making it look larger in appearance.

Furthermore, aside from that benefit, exercising would also tone and strengthen your chest area, which could make the structure and shape of your breast look better than its original form. You can read more about exercises to increase breast size here: exercise to increase breast size

a. Inclined Dumbbell Chest Press

Inclined Dumbbell Chest Press

For starters, an inclined dumbbell chest press could be a good start. Begin by lying down flat on an inclined bench. Then, keep your arms at a 90-degree angle.

At the width of your shoulders, hold the weights parallel to the ground. Afterward, slowly press the weights above your head and let the sides of the weight meet each other as you do this. Repeat this routine until you feel a slight stretch in your chest and shoulder area.

b. Dumbbell Fly

Dumbbell Fly to increase breast size

Another exercise that you could use to boost your breast size is the “Dumbbell Fly.” This would require you to lie down on a bench and hold the dumbbells as you stretch your arms upward.

As you do this, make sure you’re bending your elbows slightly. Open your arms out and bring them back together. Repeat this process until you feel a slight stretch.

c. Push Ups

Push Ups to increase breast size

Last but not the least are the “Push Ups.” Lie down on your stomach and make sure your hands are positioned directly underneath your shoulders.

Slowly bring your body up to the highest possible position, then lower yourself back to the ground. If this appears too challenging for you, you could modify this a little by kneeling down instead.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, it’s really possible to have fuller breasts even without surgery, and these are just some of the tips on how to increase breast size without surgery and it would definitely help you achieve that desire.

Nonetheless, we can’t deny the fact that these methods require much time and determination, unlike having a doctor to use a scalpel and insert implants in your chest. However, with these natural methods, you don’t need to worry about the cost and best of all, they’re less risky too.

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